If properly cared for, fine jewelry can become treasured family heirlooms. Store diamonds and precious metals separately, preferably in jewelry bags or wrapped in soft cloth/felt, to prevent scratching or tarnishing. Dust and other elements introduced by daily wear may cloud gemstones' brilliance and dull the luster of precious metals. Silver, like other precious metals, can oxide with time. However, properly maintained silver jewelry improves with age and develops a lush patina. For at-home care, wash with a soft-bristled brush using mild soap and warm water.

I stand by the quality of my jewelry, and I want you to be happy with your purchase. However, in the future, suppose your ring no longer fits, you'd prefer a longer chain, or you've experienced damage through normal daily wear and require repairing or replacing a missing accent stone. In these cases, I am happy to assist you when able. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need assistance.