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As a child, I spent countless hours playing behind the cases of my parents' shop in the Jewelers Building of Boston. I remember sorting gemstones and playing with the tools of the trade, captivated by the magic and beauty of the raw materials. I marveled at the way they could be manipulated into works of art. I loved watching my parents interact with their customers; the stories and the happy moments the clients associated with their jewelry truly resonated with me. Those early impressions inspired my dreams of creating a business where I would make and sell beautiful things.

I pursued a career in fashion design and, throughout my studies and years of experience in pattern-making, sewing, and textile manipulation, I developed a keen eye for detail and a fascination with texture and scale. My love of jewelry never faded and I continued to search for interesting pieces that spoke to me. After I had my children, my focus shifted back to those early memories of custom gifts and beautiful sparkles that generated feelings of love, surprise, and happiness. Guided by my intuition, I designed my first bangle in 2011.

Today, I’m an award-winning jewelry designer and gallery owner in Historic Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. My gallery features thoughtfully crafted collections that continue to evolve, as well as one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry, and philanthropic collaborations. I feel incredibly fortunate to design jewelry that is chosen to celebrate love, commemorate momentous occasions, and signify special bonds. I believe a piece of jewelry can be an empowering style statement as well as a physical connection to our memories and the ones we love. Pieces that are worn throughout a lifetime become fused with our identity. As a designer and fellow collector, I believe in creating jewelry that will endure in quality and style, worthy to be passed down through your family’s generations.

Whether you visit my gallery in person or contact me through other venues, I consider it an honor to listen as you share your personal story and be there while you treat yourself to Luxuries for your Soul.