As a child, I spent countless hours playing behind my parents' shop cases in the Jewelers Building of Boston. As a keen observer of human behavior, with the vantage point to experience customer interactions, their stories inspired dreams of a business where I would make and sell beautiful things.

Surrendering to the creative urge, I pursued a career in fashion design. Throughout my studies and years of experience in pattern-making, sewing, and textile manipulation, I developed a discerning eye for detail and a fascination with texture and scale.

Guided by intuition, I designed my first piece of jewelry in 2011. I have since become an award-winning designer and destination for good luck charms, talismans, personal power objects, and Luxuries for your Soul™. In addition, my coveted shields have grown a community of worldwide collectors, motivated by my trademarked mantra, SHIELD YOURSELF®.

The pieces I create are influenced by the lore and magic of bygone eras designed for the modern world. I meticulously hand-select gemstones and cultivate relationships for meaningful exchange, aligning myself with souls of similar beliefs. Being mindful of the pieces that will hold your power and house your secrets, each piece is blessed before it leaves my hands, ensuring a safe journey home and life with you.

A New England native, at this writing, I reside within the picturesque farmlands of Chester County, PA, with my husband, teenagers, German Shepherds, a tiny Chihuahua, a rescue cat, and a herd of horses where I also explore what it means to have a well-lived life through thought-provoking conversations on the Luxuries for your Soul™ podcast. If you hope to connect, please reach out via email or social media to continue the conversation.