Free US Shipping on Luxuries for your Soul


How many times do you reach the counter at your favorite coffee shop and dig out that loyalty card, admiring the extra new punch hole you just earned, getting you closer to that complementary beverage of choice? Guilty? Yeah, me too. 

The reward program was created in the spirit of that feeling, the excitement of having earned something for your purchases (besides joy!) and knowing your future purchases will give you more financial freedom towards Luxuries for your Soul. 

Once you've signed up for the reward program, every purchase made online and in person at the gallery will earn rewards. Occasionally we will offer double rewards on current gallery favorites, which can be found in your inbox newsletters - so you'll want to sign up for those too!

Your rewards can be redeemed online and in the gallery, simply log in to view your rewards. Maximum reward redemption is $100.00 per transaction, per 24 hour period. Be sure to use your rewards, they will expire every 6 months. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up for our reward program today!