Do you offer custom jewelry?
I work with my collectors to curate fine jewelry for their lifestyle, and to complement what they have already invested in.  Often times, these pieces are not on the website, but my entire collection of jewelry is customizable in a variety of gemstones and precious metals to suit your preferences.  
How do I order a custom piece?  Can I call you?
New inquiries are received via e-mail through my website contact form.  I reguarly send photos and/or video of gemstones and finished pieces for consideration.  I am more than happy to schedule a time to discuss your desired piece, but please send your information via email to schedule your consult. 
I saw jewelry on your blog and social media, but it is not on your website, can I order that?
Yes, I may be able to recreate for you, depending upon the design in question. Some of my one-of-a-kinds are not able to be recreated exact as the gemstones are unique to the design itself, but can be designed similarly. 
I've seen you do some conversions, can I bring my old jewelry to you to make it into something else?
Since I design jewelry from my own specific vision, or for a collector in mind, I do not take in jewelry for conversions.  Only occasionally will I convert vintage or antique jewelry into a modern-day heirloom.   


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