We hand selected a few strands of Biwa pearls for their striking elongated shape and luminescent sheen to create this one-of-a-kind necklace. Biwa pearls are unusually shaped cultured pearls that come from the freshwater mussels of oysters found in Lake Biwa, Japan. 

Biwa pearls are considered to be a non-nucleated pearl, created by introducing bits of mantle tissue from another mussel into the host. The mantle tissue will then form irregular shaped pearls, in unusual natural colors. 

Pollution has moved most of the Biwa production to China, and these pearls cannot be legally sold as "Biwa" unless they have originated from Lake Biwa, Japan. We purchased these as "Biwa" from a reputable dealer, therefore we have no reason to believe they are not from Lake Biwa, Japan.

Natural Biwa pearls, hand knotted on silk, accented by 18k gold beads, 14k gold clasp. 16" Length. One-of-a-kind.

Ready-to-ship in 2-3 days

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