November 05, 2017

I met Maureen years ago during a school Halloween party we both volunteered for.  I had already seen her around town and on bikes with her beautiful family, but it wasn't until my son and her daughter were in class together that we officially met.  Maureen had told me that she saw my jewelry on Facebook, and even though she wasn't a jewelry collector, she loved and appreciated it all the same.  

At a later date, I was surprised to see her name come through the Legacy Campaign, so it was very exciting for me when I pulled her name out of the golden drum!  I had already moved, but came back to town to showcase my jewelry at a fundraising event with Tryst, where I planned to meet Maureen.  

When Maureen arrived at Tryst, I had to hunt her down to come and see the jewelry in person.  From what I've come to know about Maureen in our short children-related conversations is that she is a down to earth, gracious person.  I imagine the attention of her win to be overwhelming for her, but sometimes, it's the gift you least expect that creates the most impact.  

Maureen, I am honored to contribute to your collection of jewelry that will become part of your Legacy, and I regret we did not get the chance to get to know each other better before I moved.  

May your star guide you and bring you luck! 

Now, here is Maureen, in her own words ...

I have two daughters and a son. I felt they would be babies forever, but they are growing up fast. I enjoyed being a stay at home mom and I loved being in their universe and being spontaneous. I rarely bought anything for myself and tried not to spend too much since I was staying home with the kids.  I also put myself last.  It wasn't until this past year that I started investing in myself again.

When I won the AK Legacy Campaign, I realized how little I have to pass down to my daughters one day.  I've always admired how people inherit jewelry with meaning behind it, and I may be late as a collector, but I am starting now.

I tried on the Lucky Star necklace at an event and I knew that it was the one.  The reason I chose a necklace is because it is close to my heart, and the Lucky Star is because we all need luck and guidance, right? It is a piece I can wear all the time.

Winning this beautiful necklace opened my eyes to knowing this can be the start of a collection I can pass onto my daughters, and makes me proud.

When I wear the necklace, I remember at least 5 things I am grateful for.  This beautiful piece may bring luck, but more importantly, it reminds me of how lucky I already am. Thank you, Alexis, for this gift!  It means so much to me and I am excited to add to the collection!