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April 26, 2017


I think of collecting jewelry as a beautiful discovery of oneself. And, when you collect mindfully you can create a powerful narrative, regardless of age. Once jewelry has found its place in your heart, you may savor a lifelong love affair with the wondrous treasures of our earth, reminding you of the roads traveled, and what lies ahead. Therefore, I am delighted to celebrate Emily, a recent high school graduate, with a Legacy win to begin her collection.

Emily overcame personal challenges in school, rising to success. I am honored to help her commemorate this journey with beautiful everyday jewelry to use as a reminder of her dedication, and how far she has come. Emily decided to choose a few smaller pieces, for an instant collection! See, smart girl ;)

Now, I will let Emily tell you in her own words ...

Everyone wants to have a fantastic legacy. For me, I am just starting out on my journey in life, so there are many things I strive to have as part of my legacy; fairness, leadership, being a positive influence on others, and helping teach kindness and compassion through simple every day acts.

Jewelry for me is a reminder of times past, and times to come. My collection grows, and I grow with it. I have been fascinated with jewelry since I was 5, which was when I found a lost engagement ring on the playground. Ever since then, jewelry has been in my life.

My lucky star guides me. My lucky star charm necklace has become an everyday piece for me, reminding me to look to the future, and to always see the positive side of things. I named her Evangeline, which means "bearer of good news," in hopes that good things will come my way. She shines above my sentimental bear charm, named Blackberry, who reminds me to stay humble and grounded in life.

Two other pieces I received from Alexis were a gray moonstone ring and gray moonstone earrings. Those pieces remind me that sometimes, true beauty is hidden. Not everything is always apparent, so they are a reminder to be vigilant in uncovering the truth and reality of a situation.

This giveaway has changed my life. I will forever be humbled that I have won, and I will always be reminded to pass luck and good feelings on whenever I can. Alexis is a role model of who I would like to be someday; someone who loves what they do, and who loves the people around her.



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