May 10, 2017

When Jaime's story was submitted to me via the Legacy Campaign, I loved reading how special it is to her that she owns sentimental pieces from her family.  She has also shared an image of these with us, which you can see at the end of this post.  

I am also very attached to my own personal jewelry collection that has either been curated or gifted to me, and I am honored to add to Jaime's growing collection of life's important moments.  

Jaime chose an Emerald and Diamond Duality Star from the Lucky Star Collection, but before we get to that, here is her story, in her own words ...

Jewelry has always been a huge part of my life and it carries many special memories of the women in my family. It's a badge of strength, hope and beauty. Jewelry is the only way I can remind myself of the love that has always surrounded me. We only invest in beautiful quality jewelry and never throw anything away. It is passed down through generations.

On the Day I was born, I was gifted a ring that says "love and hope" in French (but also spells my name Jaime = love). I wore the ring on a chain for years until it finally fit my ring finger. 29 years later, I still wear that ring. It's become apart of me. I twist and turn it as a habit when I need comforting.

The ring fits my ring finger and sits below a gold double heart initial ring my grandfather gave my grandmother on their first date (M + R). True love at first sight.

On days I need strength, I pair my rings with my grandmothers gold watch (given to her by her parents on her graduation day, loving inscribed with "love mom and dad") and a very special garnet ring purchased at the world fair in 1939 by my great grandparents. To remind myself of bravery, I wear a necklace with my grandmothers garnet heart charm and a gold charm that was given to me after my first time ever having to do anything in front of audience. At age 5, after being a genie for a dance recital, my mom presented me with a charm that says the date and "genie" to remind me that I can do impossible things.

You better believe those items are worn when I'm walking into a huge board meeting, surrounded by older men in suits. I feel the power and have my family there with me to do the impossible.

It was hard to pick one thing, (I still have my eye on the Lucky Star ring!) but I felt immediately connected to the Duality Star and it actually came into my life at the right moments as I'm in the middle of many life transitions (getting married, going back to school!).  It is a physical (and gorgeous) reminder that there can be two meaningful sides, past and future, to one thing.  I like the idea of matching the outward stone to how I'm feeling that day! 

Shown below is Jaime's personal collection, her badges of strength.  



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