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Alexis Kletjian | 06 March, 2018


You may think of jewelry as an unnecessary indulgence, but I assure you, it is necessary.  You may not need to amass a vast collection of jewelry, rather a well-curated selection of meaningful pieces that remind you of who you are and where you've been.  

In life, we loose people we love and we hear about the passing of loved ones more often as we age.  It triggers the loss of my own family and honestly, it never gets easier.  You can only find ways to move forward, remembering and honoring them.  

The other day I wore this necklace gifted to me by my late Mother-in-Law.  My children instantly recognized it and we began a joyful conversation about her.  It is the little reminders of what's left behind that keeps memories alive.  You could argue that a photograph may do the same, but the difference is that she carefully choose this necklace for me while visiting an artisan goldsmith during her vacation in Italy.  The time and energy put into the thought and action of this gift; I wore it over my heart for many years.  

Only recently I realized the deeper significance of the necklace: it is hand-crafted in rose and white gold, which became my signature style as a jewelry designer.  

She knew me better than I knew myself ...