Alexis Kletjian | 27 February, 2019


During the Christmas holiday, I launched a legacy campaign for YoungMoms and gifted every YoungMom in the program with a mini shield. For the past two months, we have been engraving each shield for their new owner, to be worn over their heart, a representation of their love for their child. 

If you aren't yet familiar with this initiative, you can read the blog posts here

The first shield to be completed belongs to Linda, a YoungMom who has benefited from the program tremendously.  Linda got pregnant at 16 and turned to YoungMoms to help her prepare for the birth of her daughter, to gain parenting skills, and to boost her confidence. Through the YoungMoms program, Linda became a mother, returned to school, secured childcare subsidy and found daycare so she could continue her education and set out on the right path. 

YoungMoms has done more for Linda besides provide emotional support, she has also received valuable life skills. Linda received assistance to open a bank account as well as hands-on practice for her driver's license test. She recently graduated from a high school program and is beginning Dental Assistant training. Through YoungMoms, Linda has been able to navigate the complex world of teen parenthood and become the loving mom she is today. 

In Linda's own words: "YoungMoms is always there for me and provides me with support and advice. YoungMoms has become my second family."

I was honored to spend time with Linda when she came to pick up her shield in my gallery, and I look forward to seeing her thrive in our community and beyond.  This is what she had to say about her shield:  "In the future, I plan to give my necklace to my daughter to to represent our union as mom and daughter."

This story is just one example of the many YoungMom stories I will be sharing throughout the year.  If you are interested in getting involved with this organization, please reach out to YoungMoms directly. 

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