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October 20, 2019


Fireworks, galaxies, and a shifting play-of-color are what make the opal so desirable. Opals are unlike any other gemstone in your jewelry box, beyond the myths and "supernatural" ways they form, you will never see two identical opals.
Opal, named from the Latin word "opalus" meaning "gemstone of many colors", was first known to mankind around 250 BC. Many cultures believed it possessed supernatural powers and carried or wore the gemstone as a prophecy and personal talisman. 
In 1829 the reputation of the opal changed forever when Sir Walter Scott published his best selling gothic novel, Anne of Geierstein. An "enchanted opal" bestowed with magical powers, worn as a hair accessory by the mysterious Lady Hermione, said to reflect her moods as if it sympathized with her emotions. On the day of her daughter's christening, accidental drops of holy water struck the opal, which "shot out a brilliant spark like a falling star, and became the instant afterwards lightless and colorless as a common pebble." Sir Walter pens Lady Hermione dying in his novel shortly thereafter and unbeknownst to him, changing the fate of the opal for centuries. 
To this day, you may have heard the myth that "opals are bad luck", but I assure you they are not. While opals May have experienced an unfortunate fate of negative, unfounded superstitions ever since the 1800's fictional tale was published, they are actually a somewhat soft and fragile gem, ironically, created by water. 
Opsl is created by seasonal rains that drench dry ground in semi-desert regions, such as Australia's "outback". Rain showers that carry dissolved silica soak deep into ancient underground rock and, once the water evaporates, it leaves solid deposits of silica in the cracks and sedimentary rock. These deposits form opal. 
Opals can be found in Australia (one of the worlds largest producers of opal), Brazil, Ethiopia, Mexico and Peru. Opals sourced in different regions will differ in their unique background, patterns, translucence and of course, their extraordinary play-of-color. 
Opal is a birthstone for October and a lucky one if you ask me! 



November 06, 2019

Exciting News!! I reached a new milestone of 30k followers on Instagram and thought it was time to celebrate with a giveaway, just in time for the holidays. As you know with the new algorithms, milestones are difficult to achieve organically. Therefore, in an effort to spread the love, 30 people will win a gift certificate to my gallery or website for $100.00. You read that right : 30 people. That is one person per thousand followers. Hopefully, you and your friends will want to be one of those winners! 

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Diamond Skull Necklace by Alexis Kletjian Jewelry

October 08, 2019

Skulls are incredibly popular in the world of design but before skulls were trendy, they were considered a symbol of power.
A symbolic representation of mortality spanning back to the 15th century, people adorned themselves with amulets sculpted into skulls and/or skeletons to serve as their personal talisman. This reminder became known as "memento mori", which translates to "remember you must die".

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September 25, 2019

October 4th is the First Friday Art Stroll in Kennett Square and I will be joining the Square Pear Art Gallery (across the street from my gallery) for an Inspired By Nature Collaboration. You can enjoy fine art, wine, appetizers, and lovely conversation.

My gallery will be closed on Friday to accommodate our evening showing from 6pm - 9pm with the Square Pear. Hopefully I will see you there! 

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