Alexis Kletjian | 11 May, 2018


Women are incredible.  Women are powerful. Right now women are having a moment, aren't we?  What better time to introduce you to Durga, a woman that represents power, strength, mortality and protection across many religions.   

On one of my sourcing trips, I came across a collection of original Hindu talismans that featured select dieties and they really spoke to me.  Durga is the one I chose to purchase to share with you today. 

It was once believed that the existence of the universe was under threat by Mahishasura (the demon!) and the gods pleaded to Lord Shiva, who in turn asked the three goddesses, Saraswati, Maa Kali and Maa Lakshami to release their power. What emerged in female form (of course) was a goddess of exceptional power, gorgeous and full of rage. You guessed it, it was Durga.  Empowered by the goddess' arms and, well, 15 other very capable arms bearing weapons, ready to slay.  

Durga is a warrior goddess whose mythology centers around combating any evil that threatens peace, prosperity and the dharma of good.  She is a Supreme Being that maintains moral order and righteousness in the universe. Durga is the fiercest form of a protective mother spirit, willing to unleash her anger against all that is wrong, deceptive and/or destructive.  Legend has is that she will protect the wearer from the evil forces of selfishness, jealousy, hatred, anger and ego!  Thank you, Durga.  

Durga is referred to by over 100 names, depicted in the Hindu pantheon as a (major) goddess riding a lion or tiger, her eighteen arms bearing weapons meant to suggest she will defeat any evil force, without consideration.   

What a badass you are, Durga.  I want to wear you as a talisman and I want to share your power with all the women of the world. Bestow your powers on me.  Unleash.  

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION :  I purchased a collection of original talismans from a private collector.  This means these particular charms were owned, worn and well-loved.  Prayed upon by protected woman that will add to your personal story.  These are not replicas and I will not be re-creating these for public consumption.  These are special.  I hand-picked the very best, just for you!

Please contact me directly to purchase your very own Durga.