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July 10, 2017

Last July for my 40th birthday, all I wanted to do was go antique shopping in London.  I wanted to plan a fun family treasure hunting adventure where we would discover new things together.  It took awhile for our work schedules to line up and we (cautiously) journeyed to London in-between the recent attacks. 

One morning, we spent a glorious few hours perusing Gray's Antique Market in Mayfair.  While I talked shop with the dealers my children searched for their birthstones in jewelry, case after case, on every floor.  

At the end of our search, I chose nothing (much to my husband's surprise!) and went home without a glittery London souvenir.  

We stayed in Covent Garden for its location and accessibility to great restaurants, but with London on high alert, it threw off my mojo and shopping was no longer the priority.  

I prefer to think about my purchases carefully, especially since I can create anything I would want.  Every year I try to find something special to commemorate the occasion, to pass down to my loved ones.  These items tend to be antiques I feel connected to or inspired by, and they may be a large purchase, or very small.  

I may still reconsider a ruby ring I left behind.  Who knows, maybe it'll end up in my stocking with a note from Santa, or it just wasn't meant to be mine.  

I hoped this trip would inspire some of the details for the new collections I have been working on, and it did, just not in the ways that I expected.

I think my husband was happy that I didn't "need" anything and I finally curbed the insatiable curiosity of antiqing in England.  Well, for now anyway ...

Have you been antiquing in London?  You are welcome to reach out and email me, I'd love to see your well-traveled, personal collections and hear about all your favorite spots!



July 01, 2019

A fabulous local collector inherited a pearl necklace, one she did not think she would ever wear. She just wasn't a "pearl person" even though pearls are a classic choice, the condition of the necklace was excellent, intact and well strung. 

Knowing my collector loves to wear gold layers and meaningful charms, that she’s classic yet edgy, and always on the go, I knew she needed flexibility on how she would wear the pearls, to honor her style. 

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June 13, 2019

Gemini is the zodiac sign for those born (around) May 21 and June 20 and Spring is their season. Gemini is one of the four mutable zodiac signs, a sign that ends a season. one of the four mutable signs that bring a change of season, Gemini is the first air element in the Zodiac. Symbolized as twins, the duality representing exchange and interaction, ruled by Mercury.


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June 08, 2019

Pearl is one of the three birthstones for June and perhaps the best-loved gem of all time. Pearls are pure and organic treasures from the Earth, residing in ponds, lakes, seas, and oceans. Pearls are almost as old as mankind and possibly the first true gem our ancestors used to adorn themselves with. Unlike faceted gemstones, a pearl is beautiful from the very beginning. Embodied by mystery and power, pearls occur in a wide variety of desirable colors, both natural and cultured. 

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