The Modern Heirloom

Alexis Kletjian | 13 May, 2018

            The Modern Heirloom

My mother didn't pass down any jewelry to me ​and I​ ​never ​saw the ring ​she received when ​my father proposed. I guess it’s not important​, since​ they divorced when I was a toddler​. However, since repurposing inherited ​pieces ​is one of my favorite design challenges, I am occasionally reminded of what little (in terms of jewelry) I have to remember those that have passed on. My mother didn’t seem to care ​about jewelry and I remember her saying diamonds left her feeling cold, so I often wonder where my passion for the scintillating stone ​comes from.
I had the opportunity to redesign a local collector’s inherited ring and​, ​since it’s Mother’s Day, I’d like to share this story with you.  Thank you, Erin, for the opportunity to give this heirloom new life!  Happy Mother's Day ;) 

Here is Erin, in her own words ... 

I forget the year and I’ve long forgotten the occasion​, ​but when my mother passed her engagement ring on to me, I was beyond thrilled to have it. ​​Sure, as the oldest of three daughters, I was tickled that she had chosen me ... I didn’t have any romantic notions about the marriage it represented, because that marriage wasn’t to endure. I was filled with a sense of many seasons and events that had passed over the twelve years that the ring had graced my mother’s long fingers.​ ​She wore it bringing her girls into the world, braiding our hair, walking us into art classes and tucking us in at night.​ ​I stashed it away in a box in a drawer in a room ... it was too big for my finger and too dated to compete with the more current and stylish pieces of jewelry in my cache.

This past ​winter, I knew it was time to figure out a way to update, wear, and enjoy it. Mom is living far away and it would feel good to have a piece of her with me every day.
I’d been following Alexis since she moved into the cute shop with the orange door and went to see if she had any ideas for my ring project. She asked me questions and listened and designed. I loved her vision for a simple, yet substantial setting. Classic but nowhere close to boring. The brushed gold perfectly off-setting the less-than-perfect diamond. And, Mom loves the redesign too.